capital kisses

It’s turning up quick
facing in lanes soon
skewed over curbs and roads
through time, railings and windows
figuring plans by noon
but I still got her caught in the undertow
her capital kisses reeling in
and ringing for rescue.


Each black mesh and fabric contraption’s magic
Built for sound
Who’s sonic waves invade our ribcage
Our backbone of trance
And swallow our beings in belting blare
The wreck-head’s dance
They cast hypnotising shine
And we become
The Anaesthetised-Mind Tribe
Gleaming and beaming in time
The laser loft at night
Floor tiles blink
Lighting up our wrist’s smeared ink
Our shrapnel-lined pockets
Hands delve and hunt to tear the seams
Abusing magnetic strips and chips past three
Until the hot boxed waste
Spills out to lit concrete paves.

La Sal


Se cayó a las piedras
Sus piernas, sin fuerza de pasar
Las sal del mar se bailó
Dentro su espalda enferma
Con el viento muerto
Y estuve mirando con belleza
A como su corazón lentamente paré
Una línea verde y duro
Indicó el fin de una vida puro.
Y la sal, la sal, se queda aquella
Entre la arena
Esperando la eternidad cristal
Por una chispa de regresa.

Anonymous asked:
Has the photo of the girl with the man been taken by a professional photographer?

Yes - by my mother, who is a professional photographer.


She retired to her rusty room,

her colourful delicate head

and the cool quilt covers, crunched up under crossed legs.

poised upright, evening - bright.

welling eyes, skin - tight

welcoming the weak one, wailing a week’s worth

cradling and swaying with gut-sucked tears,

swindling their way to stream and scream through the cracks and nooks of hands.

They’re wrenching buried bones from beneath her creased, crimson skin

the images, collections under sickened skull

heart-wrenching remembering of his sea-soaked soul

when he cindered, scattered and blew between beach

in lieu of the blunder she shunned from memory.

had she heeded the feelings, sunken the feeble ship

to lie upon his sandy seabed,

then she might have firmly kissed goodbye with a wry smile,

her sodden foolish side.

"I keep throwing it down two hundred at a time
It’s hard to find it when you knew it
When your money’s gone
And you’re drunk as hell"

Bon Iver
Anonymous asked:
Do you usually write with reference to someone?

Yes, usually I will have someone in mind when I write.


Your ribcage thundered from under threads and seams
In a car park in spring and on the fifth floor
Backdrop’s city skyline watched that kiss
The leaning in
Caught you through the books and shelves
Stairwells and seats
The heaviest lust-laced glances I’ve ever seen.

Anonymous asked:
Are you happy with who you are? If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I don’t think about things like that. I just am. If I could have a super power, it would be to be able to teleport.

Found an old email from him :)

Guy Fitzherbert

to me




Sorry to hear that you have been ill. Please bleach all surfaces. Actually kiddo, looking forward to seeing the saner sister and squ …

those buttocks if there’s any meat left on after all that ralphing in the back ground.

Lots of love and don’t forget to cancel telephonica.


The Goog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx